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   Last week, someone I have been working with emailed to let me know that she has been using the EFT demonstration videos on my website and has found them helpful.  I was really thrilled to know that – it’s exactly why I made them and you never know with these things whether people are going to find them useful or not.  Her kind feedback spurred me on to make another video that has been in my mind for a while – EFT for sleeping problems.  Here it is below – and if you would like to have the free information sheet with the words on (so you can do the exercise in bed), you can get it here.


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   This is a great question Sam – thank you for asking.  As a homeopath, there are lots of questions I need to ask in response to it. Irritating, I know – answering a question with more questions!  Here’s the thing though, when I look in my book of symptoms (known to homeopaths as The Homeopathic Medical Repertory), under the symptom “Wakes at night at 3.00 am” there are 48 different medicines to choose from.  So, I need to work out which of those 48 is going to be the best one for Sam.

To begin with, I want to know how long Sam has been experiencing this problem and what was happening when it started.

Then there’s the question of how Sam wakes.  You see some people wake suddenly, or as if they’ve heard a noise, or from hunger or thirst, from dreams, heat or coldness, needing to go to the loo, or from perspiration.  For other people, the waking seems to be causeless.

After that, it’s what is keeping Sam awake?  Is it thoughts of business, anxiety, restlessness or just feeling wide awake?

Has Sam got any idea what is causing this sleep problem?  And how has Sam been feeling since the sleep problem started – more irritable than normal, weepy, or just tired?

So, before I can recommend a homeopathic medicine to help Sam with this sleep problem, I need quite a lot more information.

In the meantime, what you could try, Sam, is to drink some water when you wake up and take a tiny bit of salt – straight salt if you can bear it and, if not, a couple of crisps or something similar.  A drop of lavender on your pillow may help you to feel more relaxed and sleepy.

And then you could just do a bit of tapping.  If you don’t know about EFT you can go here and watch the demonstration on “Feeling Bad”.  Instead of saying “Even though I’m feeling like this” you can tap in the same way and say “Even though I can’t get back to sleep” as you tap on the karate chop point and then as you go through the points from the top of your head to under your eyes you can say “Can’t get back to sleep” and from under your nose to under your arms you can say “Choosing to relax now”.  Then you can go through all the points from the top of your head to under your arms alternating “Choosing to relax” and “Choosing to go back to sleep”.

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  Well, who would have thought it?  Here I’ve been, writing all these tips and hints for getting a good night’s sleep and guess what’s happened?  Yesterday I was working with a new client whose secondary health problem was sleep.  In answer to the question on the Personal History form I’d sent to him, “What is your sleep like?” he had written “Terrible! Insomnia most nights.”

Now, as you may or may not know, my first prescription to most people is “drink more water” and this client had duly started to increase his water intake in the week between our introductory chat and his initial consultation.

Well, we went through the consultation, filling out the information he had provided and getting the details of his primary health problem.  As I checked to ensure we had covered everything I reminded him what he had written about his sleep and asked him to elaborate.  At which point he burst out laughing and said “you know, since I’ve started drinking the water, my sleep’s been fine.”

Job done.  On that front at least!

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   Here’s another little tip that may help you to get a good night’s sleep and it will cost you next to nothing – lavender essential oil, marvellous stuff.  Of course, it doesn’t suit everyone but it may work for you. Just buy yourself a 10ml bottle of good quality lavender essential oil and it will last you for ages.

Some people find taking a warm bath before they go to bed quite relaxing and if you add a couple of drops of lavender oil to that bath, it can also help you to sleep.  Be sure that you don’t add more than a couple of drops as too much can have the opposite effect and that’s clearly not what you want.  Something else you can add to your bath is Rock Salt – you can buy that quite easily from supermarkets – just throw in a couple of handfuls, add you lavender oil and swish it about until the salt has dissolved.

And if you’re not one of the people who enjoys a bath before bed, you can still benefit from the lavender oil – just put a drop on your pillowcase before you get into bed.  Again, make sure it is just one drop and if you find that too strong, just turn your pillow over – you can still get the benefit.

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     And don’t want to arrive feeling utterly dreadful?  Well, here’s a tip – try some arnica and cocculus.

Arnica is very good for shocks of any sort and so helps the body to adjust to the shock to the system from travel.  It is also good for helping with sleep and generally aiding the body to recuperate.

Cocculus helps the body in two main ways.  Firstly it helps the body with that exhausted feeling from missing out on sleep and secondly it helps with travel sickness.

Using arnica and cocculus together can be a very effective way to prevent jet lag.  Take one of each remedy 20 minutes before the flight takes off and repeat four-hourly during your trip.

You can get both of these remedies from health food shops and Ainsworths Essential Remedy Kit or Helios Traveller’s Remedy Kit contain both remedies as well as others that may be useful while you are away.

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