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   A client walked into my consulting room yesterday and, breathing in, said “ah, essential oils.”.  He was quite right.  One of the things that I do to provide a comfortable and welcoming space for people is to diffuse a mix of essential oils into the room before they arrive.

So we had a bit of a conversation about essential oils and when I thought about it later, I decided that,  if I was only allowed one oil, lavender would be my most essential.

Lavender essential oil is good for so many things.  It is my number one burn remedy.  Keep a bottle in your kitchen for those times when you catch your arm on an oven shelf or drip something very hot on yourself.  DO NOT run it under cold water.  No!  Instead, immediately apply some neat lavender oil to the burn area and you will feel immediate relief.  And, even better than that, you will have no livid red scar.  It’s true – don’t take my word for it, try it yourself.

Sleep is another thing that lavender oil can help with.  It has a very soothing effect.  A couple of drops in your child’s bedtime bath water can work wonders to settle them down and encourage them to sleep.  And for people who find it hard to drop off to sleep, a drop of lavender oil on your pillow may help.

Don’t think more is better though, I have learned, through unfortunate experience, that four or five drops in the bath can have the opposite effect on one’s children!  And more than one drop on the pillow at night might have your eyes streaming!

If your eyes are streaming through a cold, or flu or some other bacterial or viral illness, however, diffusing lavender oil  into the room is an excellent idea. Lavender oil has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties and it can boost the immune system.

A 10ml bottle of lavender oil will cost you around £5 and, as you only use it a couple of drops at a time, it will last you for ages (unless you are particularly accident-prone!).  My recommendation is, buy yourself a bottle now and no, I am not selling it! – you can get good quality lavender oil from most health food shops.


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   Here’s another little tip that may help you to get a good night’s sleep and it will cost you next to nothing – lavender essential oil, marvellous stuff.  Of course, it doesn’t suit everyone but it may work for you. Just buy yourself a 10ml bottle of good quality lavender essential oil and it will last you for ages.

Some people find taking a warm bath before they go to bed quite relaxing and if you add a couple of drops of lavender oil to that bath, it can also help you to sleep.  Be sure that you don’t add more than a couple of drops as too much can have the opposite effect and that’s clearly not what you want.  Something else you can add to your bath is Rock Salt – you can buy that quite easily from supermarkets – just throw in a couple of handfuls, add you lavender oil and swish it about until the salt has dissolved.

And if you’re not one of the people who enjoys a bath before bed, you can still benefit from the lavender oil – just put a drop on your pillowcase before you get into bed.  Again, make sure it is just one drop and if you find that too strong, just turn your pillow over – you can still get the benefit.

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    A while ago I burnt my finger … really badly.  Jump up and down badly.  It reeeeally hurt.

Fortunately, I am an alternative healthcare practitioner and I knew what to do so within ten minutes the reeeeally bad hurt was down to a slight sting and within half an hour only hurt badly if I pressed it.  (Why do we do that?  We do though don’t we, have to press something that isn’t hurting to findout if it hurts if we press it.  Must be some primal instinct or something because it certainly doesn’t make logical sense.)

The next day it still hurt when I pressed it but it hurt less and there was a shiny pink part of my finger that told me where the damage had been done.  After about a week, I went swimming and that skin raised up and later sloughed off revealing healthy looking pink skin underneath.  Another week on and I couldn’t have told you where the burn was.  Our bodies are amazing aren’t they?

Because that’s the thing, my body would have done that on it’s own without any intervention … eventually … and maybe leaving a little scarring.  With a bit of help though, problem solved in optimal time and no scarring.

So how did I do it?  Two things.  Firstly lavender oil.  If you don’t have any in your house, purchase some now!  Lavender oil is wonderful stuff and is, in my experience, not just the best but the ONLY thing for burns.  Yes, I have found it to be more effective than aloe products, calendula creams or any other proprietory product you may have applied to a burn in the past.  Certainly better than cold water.  As soon as you are aware you have burnt yourself, apply neat lavender oil straight onto the burn immediately.  If you leave it, it will still work but may not be as totally effective.

Step two, take a homeopathic remedy.  There are three main homeopathic remedies that may be useful for burns – calendula, cantharis and causticum.  Calendula (made from marigolds) is good for minor burns; cantharis (made from Spanish Fly) is good for more serious burns and causticum (made from Potassium Hydrate) for very serious burns.

Calendula and Cantharis are available in the homeopathic remedy kits that can be bought from Ainsworths and Helios.  I have these kits at home and so my second step was to take cantharis because it was not, in my opinion, a minor burn!

Repeat the lavender oil and the homeopathic remedy of choice when you experience pain and that’s it.  Just leave the rest to your fabulous body.

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