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   Like you’re only half there?  You haven’t got a cold or the flu, but you’re just feeling not quite right.  That’s how I was feeling last week.

That not-quite-properly-awake, first-thing-in-the-morning feeling was lasting until the afternoon.  It was difficult to think, plan and get myself going.  I was drinking plenty of water (;D) and even coffee didn’t seem to help … and then I remembered.   Echinacea!  That’s what I needed.  And that’s what I took.  Ten drops in a little juice, first thing in the morning and last thing at night and now I’m right as rain!

Oh, yes and vitamin C.  My preference is for the Aspartame-free, chewable type that I get from Healthspan but of course, you can get vitamin C from all health food shops and places like Boots.  As you can Echinacea.  Just remember not to take Echinacea for longer than three weeks at a time, otherwise you could end up feeling worse than you did when you started!




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   This is another great question and thank you for asking, MR.  Although, as usual, there are lots of questions I would like to ask in response, I can at least say that yes, EFT and homeopathy, individually and/or together are excellent tools for helping with anxiety.

As is, you maybe surprised to know, drinking water!  When we are dehydrated our bodies go into “drought-management” mode and release hormones into the bloodstream which can cause us to feel anxious.  To know whether or not you are dehydrated, just check the colour of your urine.  If you are properly hydrated, your urine will be a colour between clear and very pale yellow. Anything darker than that indicates dehydration.

There are over three hundred different homeopathic remedies that could help with anxiety and panic attacks and finding the right one for any particular individual involves careful understanding of that person’s experience of anxiety, as well as a good knowledge of their life history.

Tapping along with the exercise “EFT Demo – Feeling Bad” – using your own words may help in the short term.  For more long-lasting resolution, working with a practitioner is likely to be helpful.

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   Nobody, right? Or do you? If you think about it, colds tend to occur at specific times of the year – Winter and Spring – and it’s possible that a cold is your body’s way of adjusting to the new season. So maybe the best thing to do when you get a cold is to take a couple of days off work and look after yourself. Get plenty of rest and sleep, drink plenty of water and orange juice (packed full of vitamin C) and maybe even treat yourself to a warming hot toddy (recipe coming in tomorrow’s blog). This will give your body the best possible chance to do what it needs to prepare itself for the oncoming season.

Homeopathy can help with cold and flu symptoms, in fact there are over thirty different medicines that can help with flu and many more that may help with a cold.  Here are the details of the three most commonly used homeopathic cold and flu medicines – if your symptoms fit, give the medicine a try.  If none of these seem to fit your symptoms, take a look here where there are many more to choose from.

Aconite: You really want to keep this one in your medicine cupboard because it is a great remedy for nipping a cold or flu in the bud when the symptoms have come on quickly. Take it as soon as you notice the first symptoms – which is likely to be after you have been out in the cold. You will have lots of sneezing with pain at the root of your nose.  Your mucous membranes will be dry, you may have lots of shivering, feel quite anxious and feel worse in the evening or at night.

Ferrum phos: This medicine may help when your symptoms come on gradually. You may have a sore throat and a feeling that the cold is going to affect your ears or your chest.  You may feel weak and leathargic and have a flushed face and your eyes may be red and burning.

Gelsemium: This is the most commonly used homeopathic medicine for flu – you have the common flu symptoms of feeling heavy, lethargic and dull, your limbs ache, you feel dull and you may have shivers running up and down your back.

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   This is a great question Sam – thank you for asking.  As a homeopath, there are lots of questions I need to ask in response to it. Irritating, I know – answering a question with more questions!  Here’s the thing though, when I look in my book of symptoms (known to homeopaths as The Homeopathic Medical Repertory), under the symptom “Wakes at night at 3.00 am” there are 48 different medicines to choose from.  So, I need to work out which of those 48 is going to be the best one for Sam.

To begin with, I want to know how long Sam has been experiencing this problem and what was happening when it started.

Then there’s the question of how Sam wakes.  You see some people wake suddenly, or as if they’ve heard a noise, or from hunger or thirst, from dreams, heat or coldness, needing to go to the loo, or from perspiration.  For other people, the waking seems to be causeless.

After that, it’s what is keeping Sam awake?  Is it thoughts of business, anxiety, restlessness or just feeling wide awake?

Has Sam got any idea what is causing this sleep problem?  And how has Sam been feeling since the sleep problem started – more irritable than normal, weepy, or just tired?

So, before I can recommend a homeopathic medicine to help Sam with this sleep problem, I need quite a lot more information.

In the meantime, what you could try, Sam, is to drink some water when you wake up and take a tiny bit of salt – straight salt if you can bear it and, if not, a couple of crisps or something similar.  A drop of lavender on your pillow may help you to feel more relaxed and sleepy.

And then you could just do a bit of tapping.  If you don’t know about EFT you can go here and watch the demonstration on “Feeling Bad”.  Instead of saying “Even though I’m feeling like this” you can tap in the same way and say “Even though I can’t get back to sleep” as you tap on the karate chop point and then as you go through the points from the top of your head to under your eyes you can say “Can’t get back to sleep” and from under your nose to under your arms you can say “Choosing to relax now”.  Then you can go through all the points from the top of your head to under your arms alternating “Choosing to relax” and “Choosing to go back to sleep”.

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  Well, who would have thought it?  Here I’ve been, writing all these tips and hints for getting a good night’s sleep and guess what’s happened?  Yesterday I was working with a new client whose secondary health problem was sleep.  In answer to the question on the Personal History form I’d sent to him, “What is your sleep like?” he had written “Terrible! Insomnia most nights.”

Now, as you may or may not know, my first prescription to most people is “drink more water” and this client had duly started to increase his water intake in the week between our introductory chat and his initial consultation.

Well, we went through the consultation, filling out the information he had provided and getting the details of his primary health problem.  As I checked to ensure we had covered everything I reminded him what he had written about his sleep and asked him to elaborate.  At which point he burst out laughing and said “you know, since I’ve started drinking the water, my sleep’s been fine.”

Job done.  On that front at least!

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The other day, when I was swimming, I had a brain wave!  It just came to me in a flash.  I hadn’t even realised that I’d asked myself a question, but the answer was “have an Ask Kim button on your website”.  So, my guess is that I had been wondering how can I find out what people really want to know about in relation to EFT, homeopathy, water, complementary and/or alternative healthcare?

That was a couple of weeks ago and my wonderful brother, Martin, has now created it for me.

I would really like to receive your questions so, go here and ask away.

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   Some more homeopathic treatments for sleep, based on these three, separate aspects of your sleep problem:

  1. The symptoms of your sleep problem – is it that you can’t get to sleep? or that you wake up in the night? or that you can’t wake up in the morning? And along with this, any symptoms that you are aware of that go with your sleep problem – constant thoughts running through your head, over-heating, pains, headaches, etc.
  2. What is causing your sleep problem?  Anxiety about work?  Family problems?  Too much excitement?
  3. How are you feeling, generally, since you started having the sleep problem?  Have you become more irritable, or weepy, or anxious?
  1. Symptoms  You feel constantly drowsy and yawn frequently yet at night you are sleepless, agitated and constantly tossing and turning.  You sleep lightly with lots of anxious dreams.
  2. Cause  Strong emotions, anxiety, grief or fright.
  3. Feeling  You may feel anxious and restless, indecisive or angry.
  1. Symptoms  You may feel extremely drowsy during the day – particularly after a meal and find yourself lively and wide awake in the evening and find it difficult to sleep before midnight.  You are woken by getting hot, or with a headache or a cough.
  2. Cause  Injuries, sun, warm weather, anger.
  3. Feeling  You may feel anxious and uneasy or discouraged and easily moved to tears.
Rhus Tox
  1. Symptoms  You may have a strong urge to sleep during the day and also in the morning in bed.  You may yawn a lot while stretching your body and your sleep is very restless with vivid dreams of the business of the day.
  2. Cause  Cold, over-exertion, anger.
  3. Feeling  You may feel helpless and despondent or irritable and ill-humoured.
Again, if you think your sleeping difficulty matches any of the above, you could try taking that remedy and see if it helps.  These are common remedies that you can get from health food shops and some chemists.  Get the remedy with a 30 after the name and take them as prescribed on the bottle.

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