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   OK, I’ll admit it, in the past, I have fallen prey to the odd hangover and in my time I have discovered something about hangovers … if you have done everything suggested in my last blog post and you still feel rough, there is more to it than just physical symptoms.

And this is where EFT comes in.  “Tapping for a hangover???” I hear you exclaim in total disbelief.  Yes, tapping for a hangover.

Just think about it for a moment.  The morning after the night before, what is that little voice in your head saying to you?  “You’ve done it again you dolt!” “When will you ever learn?” “How stupid was that?”.  And how do you feel – emotionally that is – guilty, embarrassed, stupid?

If your answer is yes to any of the above (or anything similar) then EFT may help to shift those final symptoms.  If you are not familiar with EFT this link demonstrates how to use it.  Tap along with it and see how you feel afterwards.  If it only makes a little difference, then substitute your own words. For example:

  • Even though I’m feeling really fed up with myself for having too much to drink last night, I deeply and completely love, forgive and accept myself
  • Even though I say never again every time this happens and I’ve done it again and I’m really annoyed with myself, I deeply and completely love, forgive and accept myself anyway
  • Even though I’m feeling cross with myself, and guilty and annoyed and I’m fed up that I have another hangover,  I deeply and completely love, forgive and accept myself anyway
  • Feeling hungover
  • Feeling annoyed with myself
  • Feeling guilty
  • Feeling awful
  • Releasing that now
  • Allowing it to go
  • Releasing that now
  • Allowing it to go
And you never know, being kind to yourself – rather than beating yourself up – may just help you to prevent hangovers in the future.  You never know until you try.

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     One of the things I learned many, many years ago is the value of praise and encouragement.  It was while I was giving birth to my daughter, my first birth.  It did not go either as I had planned or as I might have hoped.

Of course I had expected that it would be painful and to prepare myself for the pain I had reasoned with myself that at least half of pain is fear and I wouldn’t be fearful when I was giving birth because I would know why I was in pain.

Ho-di-ho.  That was a good one.  I was in huge pain and therefore in unreasoning fear and I was making a noise like a camel.  Really, I could hear myself, like a camel.  And no matter what I did, how much noise I made, how snivelling, despairing or pathetic I became, my midwife just said “You’re doing really well Kim, keep going, you’re doing brilliantly.”.

Salt of the earth midwives.  No question.

And when I reflected on it afterwards I knew that if she had told me off (which I probably deserved), or told me to pull myself together (which she must have been tempted to), or slapped me (which I surely would have done in her shoes), I would simply have given up.  There and then.  Just stopped.

The more she praised me, the more I felt I could.  And I did.  Thank goodness.

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