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     One of the things I learned many, many years ago is the value of praise and encouragement.  It was while I was giving birth to my daughter, my first birth.  It did not go either as I had planned or as I might have hoped.

Of course I had expected that it would be painful and to prepare myself for the pain I had reasoned with myself that at least half of pain is fear and I wouldn’t be fearful when I was giving birth because I would know why I was in pain.

Ho-di-ho.  That was a good one.  I was in huge pain and therefore in unreasoning fear and I was making a noise like a camel.  Really, I could hear myself, like a camel.  And no matter what I did, how much noise I made, how snivelling, despairing or pathetic I became, my midwife just said “You’re doing really well Kim, keep going, you’re doing brilliantly.”.

Salt of the earth midwives.  No question.

And when I reflected on it afterwards I knew that if she had told me off (which I probably deserved), or told me to pull myself together (which she must have been tempted to), or slapped me (which I surely would have done in her shoes), I would simply have given up.  There and then.  Just stopped.

The more she praised me, the more I felt I could.  And I did.  Thank goodness.


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     If you’ve never tried homeopathy then arnica could be a good place to start.  Arnica Montana is a plant that grows in mountainous regions in the world – the Universe supplies what is needed where it is needed.  Why?  Well, when people fell down the mountains and hurt themselves, local people used to give them a brew made from stewing Arnica and people found that their bruises healed much more quickly than might otherwise be expected.

And that’s the main thing that arnica is known for – bruising.  So you may like to buy yourself a bottle of arnica tablets and some arnica cream for use when a person has bruised themself.  You can buy arnica in most health food shops and I believe Boots (in the UK) still sells it.  Alternatively you can order it through one of the homeopathic pharmacies – links to Ainsworths and Helios.

One thing to note is never put arnica cream on broken skin as it can inflame the area.  If it’s just bruised though, go ahead and rub some arnica cream into it and get the person to take the arnica tablets as directed on the bottle and see what happens.  You could be amazed.  I know when I had my babies, I took arnica after the birth and the nursing staff were amazed, not only at how quickly my bruising healed but also at how quickly the forceps lump on my daughter’s head resolved.

What is less well know is that arnica can be helpful in any situation where a person may feel bruised.  So, if you’ve overdone it on the gardening; or feel full of aches and pains from a days shopping; or even have aching feet from a new pair of shoes, take some arnica and see how quickly you begin to feel better.  Oh yes, and arnica can also be helpful for jet lag.

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