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  In my opinion, should is a word that could usefully be removed from the English language.  Why?  I hear you ask.  Well, to me should is one of those guilt words that implies that I have either done something wrong or not done something right.  (Should know better, should have got that finished by now …)  It implies judgement … in the negative.  The should word is simply not helpful.

Louise Hay has a should exercise in her book “You Can Heal your Life” that I have found really helpful for myself and for passing on to others.  Here’s what to do.

Get a blank sheet of paper and at the top write “I should …” then underneath that write as many ways to finish that sentence as come into your mind.

When you have finished, read the first item to yourself starting “I should” and then what you have written.  Then, very gently, just say to yourself “why should I?” and see what happens.  Then go on to the next item on your list and repeat until you have covered your whole list.

When you have completed that part of the exercise, put the “I should” list to one side and take a fresh piece of paper.  At the top write “If I really wanted to I could …” and then finish that sentence as many times as feels right for you.

And then, if you really wanted to … you could just burn the “I should” list …


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