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   Well I don’t know about you, but I always find that I eat more at Christmas than any other time of year.  Apart from the obvious culinary delights of Christmas Day itself, there are mince pies, chocolates, Christmas cake, Christmas log and myriad other deliciously-treaty things to eat.  And whilst I no longer eat myself to sickness, as I did once at my Nana’s when I was about eight, it’s very easy to suddenly find myself feeling over-full and uncomfortable.

Fortunately, there are homeopathic remedies that can help in such circumstances.  If you were going to ensure that you had just one remedy with you I would go for nux vom.  As well as being an excellent hangover remedy nux vom is also very handy for general overindulgence.  If you have heartburn and your stomach and abdomen feel sore or bruised and sensitive to pressure, nux vom is likely to bring you some relief.

If you want to have a few different remedies handy, carbo veg is very good if it feels like your digestive system has just given up the ghost and stopped working altogether, your stomach feels heavy and full and you may feel sleepy. Lycopodium may be helpful if your abdomen is bloated even after only eating a little and you have lots of noisy wind.

Heaven forbid that your Christmas should be spoiled by food poisoning!  Just in case you could get in some arsen album.  You will know if you need to take it if you get gnawing and burning pains, sickness and diarrhoea and particularly if you get very chilly and anxious.

You can get all of these remedies from health food shops and maybe even Boots.  Get them with a 30 after the name and take them as directed on the tub.

Merry Christmas!


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