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   Did you know that one in five people suffers from hay fever these days?  Well, not these days, obviously, it’s winter now – between March and November.

Just think back to last summer for a moment … who do you remember who was constantly sneezing and had red watery eyes?  You can probably remember more than one.

And those symptoms are from the outside looking in.  On the inside, there’s the constantly blocked or running nose and … the itching … which could be in the eyes, or throat, or mouth, or nose or even in the ears.  And some people lose their sense of smell, have facial pains, sweats, and headaches.

The symptoms of hay fever can make people miserable.  When you’re suffering, it can be difficult to concentrate or to sleep properly.  All in all, hay fever is not a problems to be sniffed at (sorry, couldn’t resist).

So, why am I writing about it now, I hear you ask, when no-one is suffering from hay fever?  I’m writing about it now because now is the time to get homeopathic treatment for hay fever so that, maybe, the symptoms will be reduced this season.

Visit my site or email kcampion@thealternativealternative.com  for more information.


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Adriana says ” On that first encounter with Homeopathy, I had the opportunity to break up with the chronic use of antibiotics, the worsening of symptoms and general decrease of wellbeing, and my condition not only disappeared but also my whole approach to health changed. I have used homeopathy since to treat other conditions and I have been free of antibiotics and other pharmaceutical drugs for many years now. When I need to treat any conditions, I know homeopathic remedies support my self healing capacity and I become healthier each time.”

This is just one of many videos posted on You Tube by people who have experienced the benefits of homeopathy first hand – why not take a look at some others.

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